Sustainable tree planting WITH fOG HARVESTING TREES

That is a worldwide unique and sustainable tree planting project.
We are looking for sponsors who might be companies or private persons and are interested in renaturation of arid coastal areas with fog harvesting trees.

You will get a sponsorship for every planted tree and will be informed constantly.

planting Trees

Some trees are well-known for its capability of collecting air moisture and have already been used for many centuries for this purpose. These trees allow an effective and environmentally friendly way of supplying arid regions with drinking water.


It would also help to do renaturation in a natural way. Agriculture would profit from it, too, because vegetables and fruits could be produced and watered with the help of fog harvesting trees.

Gaining Water

With the support of an innovative 10m high tower which condenses water particles from the fog and conducts the water to a tank at the base of the tower, and only with the help of wind and gravity, the planted trees and plants can be watered.

The water can be used for watering the planted trees and it can also be filtered and used as drinking water. The tower has the capability of producing about 100 liters/day.

Fun and Education

The tree planting project in combination with gaining water for watering the planted trees is a sustainable pilot project with an integrated water supplying system for watering the planted trees and plants.


The concept integrates also an educational concept for children and adults to learn about fog harvesting trees and plants and how to water them in a joy- and playful way.