Prof. Dr. A. Groh Founder of S.A.C.S.

Arnold Groh is the founder, president, and director of the research institute "Structural Analysis of Cultural Systems" (S.A.C.S.) at the Technical University in Berlin.

S.A.C.S. has advisory status (Special Consultative Status) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Ilias is a student of environmental technologies at the TU Berlin (technical university) and supporting the project during his internship at S.A.C.S., the research institute "Structural Analysis of Cultural Systems". He is a fanatic participant and supporter of the "Roots Surf Festival" for many years.

Lucia Hamawandi COMMCULT GmbH

COMMCULT GmbH is an international working project development and implementation service provider with a focus on technologies in high-tech and "grassroots" fields, in the sectors of renewable energies, environmental technologies, drinking water treatment, reforestation, ecotourism as well as qualification and recruitment.

Inigo, prince of Urach, cout of Wuerttemberg

Inigo, prince of Urach, count of Wuerttemberg, is one of the descandents of the former King of Wuerttemberg in the South of Germany and co- owner of the world famous castle Lichtenstein near Stuttgart. He is professor honorario (h.c.) of the university UNIA en Pucallpa/Peru and a great nature conservist and lover of the forests of the world.