The tree planting project aims to reforestate arid and with mercury contaminated mountains of Cusco in an sustainable way.  Parts of the project are eliminating mercury from the soil and integrating a water gaining and supply system for watering the planted trees. The concept integrates also a capacity buiding concept for engineers as well as an educational concept for children and adults to learn about planting trees in a joy- and playful way.

We are planning to get an amount of 5.000 EUR for that project through taking overgodparenthood for the planted trees.  

Date And Place of the Project

The date for planting trees was on the 24 of February 2019 in Cusco/Peru.


What are the aims and Targetgroup?

It is our aim to highlight the importance of afforestation for the global climate in the run-up to the World Climate Change Conference COP 25 in Chile in the year 2019.

The purpose is to create awareness to that pilot project, as well as to show how arid mountais regions can be sustainably reforested in a sustainable and innovative way.


Why should I support that?

The reforestation project in mercury contaminated arid mountain areas is worldwide unique. It shows in an educational and joyful way how simple irrigation systems can restore the ecosystem. It combines in a sustainable way ecology, ecotourism and recycling organic wast and contributes to the sustainable development goals of the Municipality Regional of Cusco/Peru near the famous world heritage "Macchu Piccu".

What happens after sucessful financing

Upon successful funding, the amount will be used to purchase further trees and plants, measurements to monitoring,  to eliminate mercury from the soil, the necessary irrigation systems, developing a landscape concept and the concept of an "arboretum" for ecotouristic and scientific porpose as well as an adventure and children's playground.
You will be transparently informed of what we use your donation and how much nature can be protected by it. Each tree is documented with photos and QR - CODE, which is attached to the planted trees. A documentation of the tree planting will be sent to each sponsor.

Who stands behind the project?

We are a team which consists of the 

Municipalidad Provincial del Cusco – QOSQO T´KARINAMPAQ

 scientists of the research institute "Structural Analysis of Cultural Systems" (S.A.C.S., https://s-a-c-s.net) at the Technical University in Berlin, the company (COMMCULT GmbH, commcult.com).

S.A.C.S. has advisory status (Special Consultative Status) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.




runningtime of the Godparenthood

The running of the of that godparenthood project is the 31 of  December 2019.













reforestation and joy

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